Our Unique Wonderful Gut Microbiota!

We are all wonderful, unique and beautiful beings with very different needs! What works for one person doesn’t have to work for another! This is why diets don’t work!

One of the reasons, I think, why we all need very different diets and lifestyles is due to our gut microbiota. We all have a different unique composition of bacteria residing in our gut. As unique as our fingerprints! Isn’t that amazing? Factors like lifestyle, food and what we surround ourselves with influence our gut microbiota!

Some of the benefits provided by our gut bacteria are listed below:

  1. Our intestinal system is where most of our nutrients are absorbed and enters the blood stream. Our gut bacteria help us make sure that only what is meant to enter the blood streams actually enters. It is very important that big harmful compounds do not enter the blood stream as the body will see it as foreign and attack itself.
  2. The gut bacteria help us break down some of the foods that we cannot break down ourselves. For instance, they break down most fibers that we cannot break down ourselves providing us with vital nutrients.
  3. They provide us with some vitamins that we cannot produce ourselves. Vitamins B and K, for instance.
  4. They communicate with our immune system by producing certain cytokines that brings messages to cells inside the body.

The gut bacteria have so many additional functions and are useful in so many ways. It’s all quite fascinating and we are learning more and more about our microscopic friends. Every hour a new paper on our gut bacteria is published!

I hope by now that you can see the importance in taking good care of our gut bacteria, as they can be really important to our health.

So how do we take care of them?

Well, it’s really quite simple!

The good gut bacteria like to eat vegetables and fruit. They don’t like processed foods or sugar. Therefore, by eating real food, food that our ancestors would recognize as food, will feed our good gut bacteria and they will thrive. However, feed the bad kind with processed foods and sugar, and the effect can be quite harmful. They can signal wrong messages to the immune system, they can allow harmful substances to enter the bloodstream and they can deprive us from some really important nutrients. All factors that can result in lifestyle related disease, like obesity, auto immune reactions, allergies, asthma and food sensitivities.

So be good to your gut bacteria and eat your veggies!!


Anne Louise Littlejohn

Owner at GetReal.lu



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