How do you traditionally celebrate Christmas in your family? 

How do you traditionally celebrate Christmas in your family?  What do you plan to eat for your Christmas meal this year?


Let’s have a look at some ideas from the HealthyLux team!


On Xmas Day, wlynseye open our presents in the morning, then we have a champagne breakfast in our pyjamas.  Later on at around 4pm we have a traditional Xmas lunch with a turkey, roast spuds, gravy and lots of vege followed by (gluten free) Christmas pudding that we cover with brandy and then set on fire.

Lynsey B.


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Christmas for me is waking up early, cuddling on the couch with my family and opening Christmas stockings – filled to the brim with tasty treats and novelty toys over a fresh cup of coffee or hot cocoa! But for sure, a Christmas meal wouldn’t be complete without the savoury dish that is Grandma’s homemade stuffing.  My childhood tradition consists of baked ham, turkey & cassava pie with all the trimmings! 
Sabrina F. – Volunteer


In our fammartinaily we celebrate Christmas on 24th December (evening). On 24th we usually have cheese fondue for lunch and for dinner steamed salmon with vegetables and rice. For both meals we link to drink white wine.
Martina B. – Volunteer


For Christmas, we all eat together: family and friends. We celebrate it in someone’s house and everyone brings something to eat or drink.
Special meal for Christmas…? “Romeritos” is a vegan option with a special hot sauce.

Mariana B. – MammaFit instructor


We usuallyAngelique eat Fondu bourgignon as it’s the easiest with a big group of people 🙂


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Christmas is celebrated on 24 December in the evening where we eat goose, served with two kinds of potatoes, white and brown (glazed in sugar) and with red cabbage (raw caimg_8853bbage mixed with yoghurt and mayonnaise). As dessert we have ris-a-la-mande which is rice pudding with whipped cream, vanilla and chopped up almonds, served cold with cherry sauce. We keep one almond whole and the one who finds the whole almond wins a prize. After the meal, we open presents 🙂

Anne Louise Littlejohn

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