It’s time to Let Yourself Glow.

Here in Luxembourg, on Tuesday, March the 20th, the Spring or Vernal Equinox will bring us days with more light than dark as the Sun’s focus moves across the equator and begins its journey to the Tropic of Cancer; at precisely 17.15 Spring will have started.

With it comes new beginnings, new life, and opportunities for new growth. Also known as Ostara, the equinox has been celebrated throughout history by the Mayans, Romans, and Egyptians. It is thought that the name Ostara is derived from the Saxon goddess Eostre; from whose name we get the direction East or Est, Eostre also gave us Easter. The French for Easter, “Paques” is derived from the Latin “Pascha” meaning “Passover”.

As the new season arrives, it gives us all on an opportunity to make changes in our lives too, the opportunity for a new beginning, new health, vitality, and knowledge. It’s time to create something new, time to let old habits and patterns go, and time to reveal your radiance and energy.

It’s time to Let Yourself Glow.

Glowing comes from inside us, it is something we display to the world rather than have it superimposed on us by it. It’s an energy, a vibrancy that comes from us when we feel at our best physically, mentally, and spiritually. With this glowing energy comes confidence, certainty, and strength to not only live, but thrive and take on all life’s challenges and opportunities.

So how can we get this Glow…?

As with all things, it starts with a simple decision, a decision to make a change and then choosing to make a commitment to follow through to achieve the desired outcome.

There are three areas to focus on;

  1. Mind – what is your mind telling you about yourself, what “system” of dialogue and knowledge is guiding your decisions, behaviours and outcomes…?Knowledge and understanding is the key to transformation, explore different ideas and principles, get back to reading those books you bought in the airport. Build yourself a different framework of knowledge and your internal dialogue will change too, enabling new decisions, choices and relationships to be developed.
  2. Body – your body is not just a vehicle to carry your head around to meetings. Take time to look after it, you only get one.Eat healthy, stop smoking, drink less and move more – it’s quite a simple solution. Take up a class, join a group, start using your gym membership. Get the bike out, dust down the tennis rackets, walk the dog (get a dog; they are great for encouragement…)
  3. Spirit – live with intention. Rather than knowing what you don’t want, realise what your DO want and allow yourself to be guided towards it. Living in flow with your intentions will reduce stress, bring peace and clarity.Meditate, be still, contemplate and feed your Spirit with the gift of tranquillity. Do something you love every day, be grateful, generous, and humble. Take time for YOU, only spend time with positive like-minded people – exclude those who don’t add positive energy to you.

The key here will not only the ability to accept and reveal your inner Glow, but to also let go of what has been holding you back, toxifying your environment and limiting your vibrational energy. Recognise the people, situations and environments that suck the energy out of you and avoid them, remove them from your experience wherever possible.

Have fun, let go and Let Yourself Glow!

David Holland – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

HealthyLux March theme – It’s spring! Let yourself glow!

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