How Sunlight Helps Your Biological Clock, Stress Levels and Sleep

Here in Luxembourg the days are still pretty long and you wake up with the tweeting of birds.

Light has such a powerful role for our health but it can be easy to rush into work, stay in the office all day long and then only catch a few more glimpses of sunlight before heading inside, watching your favourite tv show before heading off to bed.

So here are a few reasons why you should consider including a break and going outside during the day.

1. Our skin and our eyes absorb sunlight and it sends a signal to our brain. This helps our biological clock to regulate itself and differentiate between night and day.
Fun fact: it is believed that most people actually have a 25 hour internal clock instead of the 24 hours we have at our disposal.

2. Having a well regulated circadian rhythm helps the body to know when to become sleepy and when to give us a natural power boost. I hence always recommend my clients to schedule in at least one 5 minute walk outside per day.

3. Breathing fresh air and having natural sunlight connecting with our system is also helping the production of vitamin D and it helps to detox our body. All of this and more is vital for a well balanced hormonal household. That is connected to sleep, digestion, skin appearance and health and also mental wellness.

4. Going outside and seeing the natural colours is also helping to reduce stress, lower unnecessary high cortisol levels and hence favouring general wellbeing and sleep of course.

So take advantage of this beautiful season and schedule your first walk right now.

Christine Hansen – Sleep like a Boss

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