Summer is here!

Now that days are long and the sun shines upon us, what better activity to do than to go outside and enjoy nature and life! Everything is blossoming and everyone seems to be in a great mood enjoying the warm weather.

Summer is here! One of the best things to make the most out of these long days is to enjoy nature and do outdoor sports. No matter if it is going for a swim, hiking, biking (for both acitivities Luxembourg is great!) or simply going for a walk or enjoying the afternoon in the park, maybe with your little ones – there are so many options on what to do, everyone of us will find the right thing.


All through summer there will also be MammaFit classes taking place in various parks in Luxembourg in order for mums to be or for mums with their little ones to enjoy the sun and at the same time to do some quality exercise. Feeling great is guaranteed! Meeting other future or new moms while spending some good time with the babies as well!








Check the schedule on (English and French)

Join the fun and spend some quality time with your baby while you do something useful for yourself !

Martina Berthoux – MammaFit Team and HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

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