Stop and listen!

The theme of this month is nutrition & fitness and I am sure you have been bombarded with many challenges, programs and promotions to get you started into a fitness regime and eating healthy! This is great and I am also one of them 😉 However, today I want to challenge you in something a little different.

I want you to think about a self-care challenge! Yes, think about yourself for a change! Not in a selfish way, but in a –take better care of myself, so I can take better care of you- way!

A few days ago, I was craving a snack. I was craving something not healthy! I am trying to eat gluten free this month which makes unhealthy snacking quite hard! It was bugging me so much. As I was trying to find the least damaging snack, I stopped and tried something else. I tried asking myself what I was really craving. Was I really craving something to eat? Or was it an emotional craving? I tried to look inwards to find out what it was. What would make me happy right now?

I allowed myself to give an honest answer. I allowed all my saboteurs to be quiet for a while and really hear what was going on inside. For some reason, what came up was that I wanted a warm soothing bath! My saboteurs were saying, no you don’t have time for that and it is a waste of water! But I didn’t listen to them. I then asked myself, if taking a bath would keep me from snacking and the answer was YES!

OK, let’s go.

It was so relaxing and so wonderful. After the bath, the same feeling came back. I instinctively went to the kitchen, but then stopped and tried this exercise again. This time I wanted to go for a walk. So, I did! I felt really good. I know, that I felt much better than if I had snacked or forced myself to do all the things I should have or could have done!

Sometimes it is OK to stop and listen. I think my body needed to relax and to have some fresh air. My whole body got a fresh perspective and some time to regenerate!

Your turn

Now I challenge you to do the same! Look inwards and see what comes up! Ask yourself what does your body really want? Are you really lacking a nutrient? Are you really hungry or is it an emotional need? If yes, what emotional need is it? Some nurturing? To express something? Anger? What is going on? Be honest and let your true self talk. Let the saboteurs and the guilt be quiet for a while. And see what comes up. You may be surprised.


Anne Louise Littlejohn – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

HealthyLux January theme – New year, new resolutions – Nutrition and Fitness challenge


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