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I became more aware about my health thanks to my mum. Mothers alwaysplay a great role in teaching or in setting good examples. My mum has never been keen on eating meat, therefore the whole family was used to seldom eating meat.

After a Macrobiotic cooking class (the theory consists in promoting the well-being and longevity through balancing the yin and yang elements of food) my mother started cooking healthier and more basic dishes. Macrobiotics has originated in Germany, but has its biggest application all over Asia. Chinese and Japanese cooking has always been centered on easy healthy principles, according to seasonal, staple and local products, based on balanced ingredients, supported by philosophy and religion. They always lived in a holistic way, thanks also to their medical practice which considers the whole person when treating a symptom.

It’s no surprise then that I fell in love with Asian culture when I had to move to Thailand because of my husband’s job. We lived there for 7 years, and for me it was a real infusion in zen from every perspective. Close to the Thais, I learnt many things, going back to the basics in the first place. I was surrounded by lush vegetation since Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate. Holistic approach was practiced everywhere, and together with the lifestyle, the Buddhist religion shaping the Thais behavior, I absorbed all the principles of taking good care of myself, in respect of nature.

While in Thailand I got pregnant with my eldest, Juliet, and she ignited my quest for safe items I would use with my baby. It was at that point that I became even more aware, as together with my daughter I was born as a parent. It was the time when the scandal about the BPA in plastic ware and baby bottles spread. I started my research for eco-friendly accessories to be used by kids in daily life and I happened to discover valuable projects of ethically crafted items.

During my first pregnancy I could practice yoga, I loved the focus on strengthening while being gentle, and the bonding process with my baby in the womb nurtured from the meditation. When back to Europe, we landed in Luxembourg and, being pregnant of my second child, I could find the best pre- and post-pregnancy program with the MammaFit classes. The girls are lovely trainers always caring about the well-
being of the whole family, adjusting their services to family-oriented needs. I especially treasured fun training in the park, with my little one bouncing in my carrier, or rolling over on the mat, and chit-chatting with other mums.

Since then the path I’ve chosen is infused with awareness, with respect to the future generation who are going to live on this planet, I want to leave conscious footprints, growing a better future. This is how we live, The Juliet way.

Sara Coggiola

Owner at The Juliet Way

Life, Cross Cultural CoActive Coach

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