New Year, New Resolutions ?

Are New Year resolutions worth taking ?

60 percent of people drop their resolutions by the six-month mark[1] … But those who make resolutions are still 10 times more likely to successfully change their behaviour than those who do not.

So how can you optimize your chance to avoid the classical trap and actually take worthy New Year Resolutions and follow through successfully?


Here are a few, maybe unusual or different proposals to consider your 2018 resolutions:

Less of the same approach

If we try solving a problem or changing a behaviour we want to change while doing more of the same solution, it is very likely that we will keep the problem going or make it worse.

To quote Oscar Wilde ‘The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful.”

The idea here is that authorizing ourselves what we were awkwardly trying to fight is a way to reframe our approach and to downplay the problem. When we stop looking for a solution, the problem can disappear.

Like the insomniac who finally gets asleep when he stops repeating himself he needs to sleep, we may test this approach for New Year Resolutions unmet for some years !

Less is more

This minimalist approach drives vast arenas of our behaviours and life choices nowadays, especially for the Millennial generation. Consuming less, giving material objects less weight, doing away with superfluous life items and turning our minds to seek out experiences that gives us ‘more’: more real-world experience, more personal growth, more social cohesion or environmental impact, more substance…

Focusing on less in order to get a better “more” in your life in the new year!

Positive formulation

Ensuring your resolutions are formulated in an affirmative and positive manner is key. For positive daily affirmations to be really positive, we want to only use words that cause us to act the way we want to act or to be : replacing the “don’t forget” by “remember to”, “try to” by “I am able to”, “not giving up” by “keep going, just keep going”, “overcoming my problem” by “finding solution”, etc…

Also, it is more difficult to “give up smoking” than to “become more fit” 😉

So ensure you formulate and turn your resolutions into positive ones in your daily routine and self-talk.

Intention instead of Resolution

An intention is something we plan to bring about, achieve, or manifest. It’s not about resolving any issue, as the word resolution alludes to. When setting intentions, we are manifesting a dream or trying to direct our thoughts in a particular way.

We can simply create an intention for ourselves because of something we need or want to focus on.

Beginning your year by declaring an intention is also a good way to set the tone. When setting an intention, using the word “choose” is recommended. To remember that in life we have a lot of choices and this intention is a personal, autonomous and responsible choice.

For example : I choose to take care of my health and to go to the gym every Friday lunch”;  “I choose to see the positive aspects of my job and to be mindul of a pleasant moment or activity every day”…

Outside and inside

If we have external circumstances that are making us unhappy, by all means it is important to act to change them. So our resolution might be to change job, develop new relationships, move, etc.

At the same time, we can move to the other side of the world, start a relationship with the partner of our dreams or accomplish the professional goals we desire the most, in all cases we take ourselves with us ! So, whatever role we may play in that unhappiness will continue, unless we change it too.

So our intention might also be to change something inside.

Not the easiest resolution but certainly worth it: Facing ourselves, looking at our biggest fears straight in the eye, challenging our self-limiting beliefs or toxic ways of thinking.

This is a day-by-day, step-by-step resolution. We can create this transformational change through daily individual actions. With this intention, there is no milestone to be reached. It is a process that lasts a lifetime…

2018 is a good year for all of us to become more who we truly want to be !  Happy New Year !

[1] Psychology professor John Norcross (PhD University of Scranton) 1989. The resolution solution: longitudinal examination of New Year’s change attempts.

Nadège Ravoux – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

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