Are the New Year Resolutions already forgotten?

Going a bit around, this is what the HealthyLux Passionate Contributors say… interesting, isn’t it?

In those last weeks from January, I have experienced that things turn to be more difficult than expected, energy level is low, or clients would feel no longer capable of taking the next step, flu and children diseases are messing up the whole January plan, workload and stress is high, it is raining or freezing again, etc..

When the first months of the new year are over, reasons not to keep our New Year resolutions show their teeth.

Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen

The whole process and emotional drivers might remain unconscious. And we all have our preferred self-saboteur behaviours.

Struggling with your new year resolutions now?

Take a step back and observe yourself. You can also imagine you’re someone else, and you’re watching his / her behaviour .  What do I do now?  What is driving my behaviour? Is my current action aligned with my initial intention to act ?

You can also ask yourself : What is the current color of my thoughts ?  Are my thoughts helping me ?

It is definitely not about self-blame, but about being more objective about what is currently blocking you, slowing you down, or impacting your motivation.

There is no one time to change , learn something new, behave differently. Change will not happen in one big moment,  but probably hundreds (or more ) of little moments throughout the year.

If something is very important for you now, if you can feel how much this new year resolution or objective is and remains very important for you, it is a very good moment to connect to your core motivation, and to act accordingly.

Nadège Ravoux


“This year I didn’t really put any resolutions for myself, but rather intentions. One of the important topics for me this year is to take everything once at a time, and to reduce stress and anxiety, which can come when we put too high expectations on ourselves. So I like to revisit the week and see where I could improve myself more. For example, going to bed earlier, taking time for self care rituals, quality time with my family

Vesela Savova Drews


“Oooooo – good question! Did I set myself any new years resolutions? 🙂

I haven’t really set myself any targets – other than maybe more ‘me’ time and to do one thing and do it well!

Sabrina Foley


I make every day new resolution.. so I try a little bit every now and again. 😉

Kristel Weinreich


I personally don’t set resolutions because I find that things change throughout the year. However, I do choose a word of the year.  My word for this year is “independence”.  This word is important to me in so many ways and I look forward to the end of the year when I can see in how many ways it has applied for me.

Lynsey Baxter


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