January New year, new resolutions – Nutrition and Fitness challenge

So here it is, Christmas Day (!!) and I’m perched at the kitchen counter, ultra relaxed, having already indulged in a champagne breakfast and taken my fur-babies out for their Christmas Day excursion in the woods – reflecting on another year (almost gone) and how I can make the next one even better.

January – typically a month where new challenges and resolutions are set, which are inevitably set so high  that we end up failing due to the pure fact that they’re unrealistic and unachievable. Not this year my lovelies – let’s embrace this New Year with a totally different tactic – let’s challenge ourselves to ‘the simple things’, the small changes in our lives that can bring resounding results – let’s set ourselves some ultra realistic ‘Nutrition & Fitness Challenges’ that will make 2018 the best year yet and leave us feeling great about ourselves!

‘How’ – you ask? Let’s start with ‘nutrition’. The one thing so easily overlooked and as equally underestimated, yet so fundamental to fuelling our bodies with the energy and nutrients needed to power through our hectic lifestyles. An easy, no fuss challenge is to try and incorporate one of the following into your daily, weekly routine;

– whether at home or the office, fill a 1 litre bottle with water (add lemon if preferred) and slowly sip throughout the day.

– introduce 1 new whole food to your dietary regime – buckwheat, couscous, millet, quinoa, oats all pair well as wonderful side dishes, warming salads or  bases to your standard smoothie

– add a superfood to the mix -spirulina, maca, açai, hemp, wheatgrass, baobab.. all sit beautifully placed atop your yogurt, morning porridge or preferred daily snack.

Oooooh -is it me or are you getting hungry?!?

Now, lets make use of the overflowing levels of energy and squeeze some heart healthy, mind balancing exercise and fitness into the mix – READY?

Again, let’s take it slow and not overwhelm ourselves. Did you know it only takes 30 minutes a day (a day!) to see and feel the benefits of daily activity? So I ‘challenge’ you… park the car 1 block away from where you need to be. Grab a pooch and go for a walk or better yet, enrol in a group class  – my Luxembourg favs are Clare Marie Pilates and HIITme Health&Fitness | group fitness classes

So there you have it folks – let’s keep it simple, let’s keep it FUN and before you know it, you’ve embarked on a lifestyle change that you’ll never be able to look back on.  Who doesn’t want increased energy, stamina and va-va-voom to do all the things that they LOVE.

Tell me – what is it that you’ll chose to do this New Year?


Sabrina Foley – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

HealthyLux January theme – New year, new resolutions – Nutrition and Fitness challenge


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