Hugs to you!

There have been notes in the social media, especially on Facebook how women need to be hugged on daily bases. Coming from Northern Europe, we do not give kisses to the cheeks when meeting up with friends, we usually hug close friends. We hug each other when someone is not feeling well, we congratulate each other with a hug and moms usually welcome their kids back home with a big hug.

When watching the international news, especially the USA market, speaking about hugging might be considered also offensive. It is necessary to mention that hug is not always well perceived either. A hug can be sign of possession or domination. A hug can make someone also feel uncomfortable. Should you feel uncomfortable being hugged, it is always fine to state your feeling. No-one should feel obliged to be hugged.

My eldest son is one of those people who is not keen on being touched. His personal space is very important to him. He does especially not like kisses on the cheek. I ask him always his permission to give a hug. Every now and again out of the blue I feel his arms around quickly. Those are precious memories. My younger son is the complete opposite to his older brother. He could hug all day long. He does not mind to be kissed on his cheeks either. Regularly the little one comes and puts his arms around and says “mom, I really, really love you!” It does feel nice.

Being hugged in safe environment makes one feel good. Comforting words together with a hug makes the world feel a much better place. And sometimes there is no need for words. Just a hug to show love.

Who will you hug today?

Kristel Weinreich

Owner at Lumo and HealthyLux Contributor

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