Healthy Recipes – What should I cook today? – Buttermilk cereals (muesli) with fruits

I am totally out of ideas – I can’t stand cooking the same things again and again and again!


Who of us doesn’t know this type of thinking? In our daily schedule, cooking becomes a routine and, after some time, repetitive.
It is often not due to lack of time but due to a lack of inspiration that we don’t know what to cook for us or our family and friends.
We rarely take the time to sit down and research new recipes.


A good way of bringing variety into your cooking routine is to buy a new fruit/vegetable or any other type of food during your weekly shopping. You have never tried the strange looking pumpkin or you never dared to buy the sweet potatoes because you don’t know what to do with them – why not go ahead and try?


Once you are at home you will have no choice but to be creative or to research new recipes. You will be surprised how easy it is to add variety to your cuisine.
It doesn’t always have to be a main meal. It may be better to start with small things – even if it is only a snack you adapt, or maybe try a new breakfast on Sunday morning? It is easier to be creative and to enjoy preparing new things when you have time and don’t have to rush to work or anywhere else.


For example, here is an idea for some quick and very tasty foods.


Buttermilk cereals (muesli) with fruits


Serves 4 people




300g mixed fruits or berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries…)
100g oatmeal
1 spoon sunflower seeds
3 spoons flaxseeds
600ml buttermilk
4 spoons honey




Wash, dry and clean the fruits and cut into bite – sized bits. Roast the oatmeal together with the sunflower seeds in a pan, with, as an option,
coconut oil to add some extra nutrients. Add the flaxseeds, leave for a little bit and turn off the cooker. Mix the buttermilk with the honey and add the fruits.
Put the oatmeal mix into a bowl and top with the fruit mixture and enjoy!


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Martina – Volunteering for HealthyLux


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