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    They taking the onus of the shooting off the shooter, because wow classic gold the DA and the Grand Jury feel the shooting of the mother was justified via self defense. Basically alleging that the mother willingly put herself and the baby in harm way. If you remove the gun from the equation, and just say that the mother started and escalated the fight, got her ass beat, and the baby died as a result of punches or kicks, or the mother falling on the baby, would we still blame the other woman?

    Most people disagree with this, but once my defenses are solid (a few engine upgrades, shields up to par, etc.) I like to grab a few strategic upgrades to enable blue events. Level 2 teleporter and level 2 medbay both enable events which give more crew. Being able to leverage the 4 man teleporter makes Mantis B much more powerful.

    SHEPHERD, CHARLES,EARL (2012) Theological Interpretation and Isaiah 53: A Study of Bernhard Duhm, Brevard Childs, and Alec Motyer. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.12MbAbstractThis dissertation brings together the hermeneutical approaches of three Old Testament scholars, specifically as they pertain to the interpretation of Isaiah 52.13 53.12 in the framework of Christian theology. Contemporary discourse and hermeneutical discussions have led to the development of a point of confusion in theological hermeneutics, focusing on what relationship older frames of reference may have with those more recent. Bernhard Duhm is presented as a history of religions scholar who does not easily abide by popular understandings of that school. This results in a theologically attuned reading of Isa 53. Brevard Childs moves outward from particular historical judgments regarding the nature of redaction and form criticism, attempting to arrive at a proximately theological reading of the poem. Alec Motyer’s evangelical commitments represent a large constituency of contemporary theological readership, and a popular understanding of Isa 53. Following a summary and critical engagement of each interpreter on his own terms, the study proceeds to analyze the use of rhetoric behind the readings of Isa 53 outlined here. As each interpreter positions his hermeneutical location in opposition to perceived opponents, it bears revisiting to see in what ways these moves of rhetorical distanciation are, and are not, appropriate. Whilst commonality is found between the three in substantial ways, certain irresolvable problems arise. An outcome of this commonality problematic relationship is that contemporary rhetorical categorizations of ‘pre critical’, ‘critical’, and ‘post critical’ do not accurately represent the highly involved nature of the task of interpreting the Old Testament and Isaiah 53 as Christian Scripture.
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