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    It been a patchy year, to put it mildly, for the Scottish world of warcraft classic gold Freedom Series, Scotland competitive backcountry skiing and snowboarding circuit. The first two events of the season, at the Ben Lawers Range in February and at Nevis Range at the start of March, had to be cancelled due to lack of snow, and for a while it seemed as if the third and final stop on the tour, the Coe Cup at Glencoe, might go the same way. In the end, though, Mother Nature offered a miraculous little weather window on Saturday, sandwiched in between a whiteout on Friday afternoon and gale force winds on Sunday.

    They should have already been married by the time she found out, or they should have married shortly after, whether people found out later or not it wouldn matter, they be the ruling couple. If Sansa was so smart she should have tried to push them into Marriage, not break them up. Jon would have gone to live in KL, and she would have been left to rule the north in peace knowing that the Dragon Queen would never do anything to the North because of Jon ruling with her.

    This is not an El Nino year, but recent warming of the waters in the Eastern Pacific has led some El Nino experts wondering if a late arriving El Nino might be on the way. Water temperatures along the Pacific coast of Mexico are 1 2 degrees C above normal all the way to the California coast, giving 2006 the possibility of allowing a tropical storm to reach California. It is very rare for an Eastern Pacific storm to move far enough north to affect the Arizona or California. In addition, a hurricane just missed making landfall in October 1858 and brought hurricane force winds to San Diego and tropical storm force winds all the way to Los Angeles.

    Barr’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee was a horror show that made the Oliver North hearings look bipartisan. He has refused to meet with House members (and their attorneys) and the Democrats are “considering” contempt charges. At a rally in Green Bay the other day The New Yorker quoted Trump supporters as thrilled that he’s ridding DC of “corrupt insiders, really draining the swamp.” He’s “for families, who doesn’t love that?” He “talks the way normal people do in their backyards!” (I wanted to say “What way? Racist? Crude?”)Matt said that next week he’ll have been at ProImage for 5 years.

    The filing seeking for a writ of mandamus comes two weeks after Sullivan ruled against Justice Department lawyers who sought a mid case appeal to a higher court and a stay on proceedings. For Justice to succeed at the appeals level, they must meet a demanding standard that would partly rest on showing Sullivan’s decisions to be clearly wrong and that there’s no adequate alternative for relief in the case.
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