End of the year: Embrace and love your body

2018 is ending, 2019 is gently knocking at the door of our lives…

A usual time for yearly personal assessment and a time for being grateful for what past year brought us, gave us to experience, to learn, to share, to live through…

But have you ever taken time to be grateful to your body? To really thank him for this past year? Here is a body-mind practice that will help you connect positively to your body.

Ensure you have 15 minutes free for yourself and you will not be disturbed.

Lying down or in a seated position, close your eyes to connect with your inner self. Be aware of your breathing. If you know how to do it, install your abdominal breathing. Also, if you know how to do it, scan your body from head to toe and let a state of deeper relaxation and deeper awareness emerge.

In this moment, how do you feel inside, in the different parts of your body? Take a few moments to connect with your body sensations.

Now, you can think of a moment of the past year where you had a lot of vitality, a lot of energy. You can remember this moment, the situation, how you felt inside yourself, the energy you had, maybe the specific role your body was playing… And you can fully connect with the vitality of all your cells in your body, their energy, their capacity to adapt, to balance, to help your reach your goals, to keep you healthy…

You may also think of a moment of the past year where you were especially happy, joyful or grateful. What were your feelings and sensations inside your body? Where, in your body, could you feel this joy, this happiness, all those positive feelings?

You can also connect with your 5 senses and with your capacity to see, to touch, to ear, to smell, to taste… through your body senses, you feel alive, you experience life fully.

In case, you had or are having more difficult times (facing a disease, not feeling well, having pain), you can also connect with those sensations within your body, accept their presence, the related sensations. Accept the fact your body is telling you something and trust your body to face this disease / pain / suffering.

Finally, you can connect to all positive and pleasant sensations in your body right now (either your breathing, this state of calm or relaxation or a body part where you feel well) and be grateful for this, sending a ‘big thank you’ message to all your body cells if you finally feel like it.

And open your eyes to the outer world again – 🙂


Nadège Ravoux – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

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