Connecting with spring energy

We can feel it. We emerge from winter. Days are lengthening. Spring is in the air.

Sophrology practices are based on empowering you by using positive body-mind connection, by restoring or reinforcing the state of balance and harmony between what you feel, what you think and what you do in your everyday life.

Spring is already affecting your whole system, whether you do consciously feel it or not.

In this period of the year, you are set by default to feel renewed and at the same time to bring renewal. You may feel it or acknowledge it for your body. But, what about your mind and emotions?

Let go the ‘winter’ baggage :

We all carry around an emotional baggage with us. Spring might be a good time to write down your feelings, regrets or negative emotions and freeing yourself from past worries and hurt. Writing or beginning a diary of your feelings, regrets and emotions – so you can actually acknowledge them, accept them and then feel able to move on and let them go.

Writing these thoughts down and facing them can be a huge relief. And they often seem much less important when you actually see them written down!

‘Mental Detox’

Conditioning that have thrown you into undesirable attitudes and habits, negative self-talk, concentration issues, rumination, negative thoughts… We sometimes feel that our mind needs a ‘detox’ time as much as our body does.

Spending too much ‘mental energy’ in negative thinking (victimization, self-defence, fear, resentment….) is like wasting positive mental energy that we could spend on positive thinking, on concentrating on our work or our important projects, attention to nice things around us, to others, to our sensations, etc.

Letting go, deeply relaxing your mind and body will help you expand your awareness and defocus. Some simple sophrology techniques like ‘Shifting Negative Feelings and Thoughts’ are aimed at raising awareness of negative sensations, feelings or thoughts, putting them aside for a while and helping you connect to other positive feelings, sensations or thoughts. This positive action helps you (re)build confidence in your own capacity to find positive resources to move forward and to deal with the negative with expanded awareness.

Spring vitality awareness

Here is a body-mind adapted sophrology exercice to connect with your ‘vitality’ and own resources to embody spring renewal energy :

In a sitting or standing up position, close your eyes and connect with your inner body sensations. Be aware of your breathing, take 3 deep breaths with long inhalation and long exhalation.

Install a relaxing abdominal breathing (if you know how to do it, if not simply feel the air moving in and out of your abdomen).

Then bring your attention to your body :

  • Start by being aware of blood circulating into all your body, visualizing or feeling how it reinforces and balances each of your vital organs.
  • Feel your body warmth, and if you wish, imagine or bring more warmth, more energy circulating into all your body.
  • Then focus your attention on your head, your brain, and your face. Be aware of the vitality and the warmth in this part of your body. Be aware of each organ’s role and cells’ energy (brain, eyes, ears, …).
  • With the same intentions, scan your neck area.
  • Then your shoulders and arms.
  • Your upper back and chest.
  • Your abdomen.
  • Your lower back and lower abdomen
  • Your legs and feet.
  • At last, be aware of all your body, the whole vitality of your body cells, your organs’ tone and activity. Feel your life energy, your body balance and harmony.

To end the practice, connect again with your breath and its role bringing the air inside and outside of your body. When inhaling, visualize and feel the renewed energy and flow you take from outside ; and spread it inside, to all your body cells when you exhale.

After a few breaths, take a moment with your eyes closed to record and welcome all your new body sensations.

How do you feel now ?

Spring is coming. Enjoy !


Nadège Ravoux – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

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