HealthyLux is a project developed to motivate and inspire people living in Luxembourg to lead a joyful and healthier life. The aim of our project is to provide information allowing anyone to access a community of enthusiasts and professionals who share their knowledge and experience.

The HealthyLux Club is where healthy ideas bloom!        healthyluxpartners

What does the HealthyLux Club propose?

To the HealthyLux members, the Club offers:healthyluxactivities

  • Thematic events
  • Workshops
  • Conferences and seminars

…and much more!

All activities are provided by qualified professionals in order to preserve our values and your wellness. Members can take advantage of promotions and discounts on the activities and products of each partner. HealthyLux also reserves to the  members of the Club a free initial consultation with one of our professional partners!

How to join the HealthyLux Club?

It is very simple to join: you can just apply directly, filling in the registration form below.

Different levels of membership

HealthyLux Club Earth


Earth Level: This is the basic level. These members have free access to our newsletters and receive a preview of the news about our activities and events.







Water Level: These members take advantage of the Earth Level pack plus

  • discount on the partners’ services (partners offering up to 10% discounts)
  • Free access to selected activities






Air Level: In addition to the Earth Level pack they take advantage of:

  • discount on partners’ services (partners offering more than 10% discounts)
  • Free access to selected activities
  • Free initial consultation from one partner of your choice
  • 50% discount on one other initial consultation of your choice (among the partners offering this)
  • Additional promotions on partners’ services



For any further information do not hesitate to contact us at:


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