Clock is moving forward! Some useful tips…

We are being robbed!
Is what you are most likely thinking on Monday when your alarm clock is ringing an hour earlier.
(As if Mondays weren’t bad enough …)

When we move the clock forward to save some daylight time, we lose an hour of sleep. Most of us feel the effect for a few days afterward.

For sure it is important to gradually transition into the time change.

To minimize the impact of the switch to daylight saving time, make gradual adjustments. Go to bed and put your children to bed 15 minutes early, starting several days before the change. Make an extra effort to be well-rested the week before the time change.

If you haven’t thought about it go to bed one hour earlier during the weekend before the change so you can start well rested on Monday.

Let’s also get some other useful info and tips.

This is what Christine Hansen has shared with HealthyLux to better cope with the change!

We are being robbed!


Is what you are most likely thinking on Monday when your alarm clock is ringing an hour earlier.

(As if Mondays weren’t bad enough …)

Did you know that it has been documented that Daylight Savings have serious consequences on our health?

ER admissions actually rise dramatically.

  • A Swedish study in 2008 found that the risk of having a heart attack increases in the first three days after switching to DST in the spring.
  • Traffic accidents increase on the Monday following the start of DST. Tired drivers are the main reason (but also animals who aren’t used to traffic at that time and are having their morning stroll on the road at the usual time).
  • Work related accidents increase.
  • Depression spikes for a couple of days. A Danish study found an 11% increase in depression cases after the seasonal change. The cases dissipated gradually after 10 weeks.

So is enough sleep important? Reading the above: I rest my case.

But fret not, there are some things you can do.

  • Set a timer an hour before your NEW bedtime on Sunday. I.e. if you go to bed at 10 pm then set the timer for 8 p.m. and aim at being in bed by 9. Don’t take any electronics with you but read a book, magazine or hey, talk to your partner 🙂 Lower the lights to stimulate melatonin. This will help you to get acclimatized easier and will Monday morning not quite as rough.
  • When the alarm rings on Monday have good cat stretch. This will help you to get the blood flowing and feel more refreshed.
  • Switch on the lights as soon as you can and do not press the snooze button.
  • Prepare a smoothie the night before and put it in the fridge in the blender container. That way you just put it on the blender, give in another whizz with some ice and off you go with a 2 second, health and energizing breakfast. (Can’t sacrifice the coffee? That is fine but the smoothie will help you balance out blood sugar levels and avoid crashing mid-morning making you storm towards the vending maching to get your sugar fix.)
  • Prepare your favourite playlist and turn it on to start your day in a good mood.

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Christine Hansen sleep coach at Sleep like a Boss


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