The Benefits of Fresh Air when Exercising

A friend of mine recently got back from a trip to Denmark. One of the first things she told me about was the fact that almost all local mums seem to leave their babies in their prams outside the cafés in the streets while having coffee. The babies are of course in sight and the mother’s guarding eye always rests on them but still – the babies are outside in the cold taking a nap while their mums seem to be completely relaxed and have a nice time inside. And yes, all of those babies do in fact sleep!

Isn’t this what all mums look for? A little break every now and then, being able to relax without having to deal with your crying baby who wants to be carried around, is hungry or just wants to cuddle with its mum. As if you haven’t just spent another sleep deprived night doing everything you can to make your little one sleep. So, are we just doing it wrongly? Are Scandinavian mums better mums? Do they know something we don’t?

Numerous articles have been published about the fact that fresh air makes people sleep better, no matter the age. And it is in fact true – fresh, cool air helps one get a good rest (this is where the recommendation comes from to sleep in rooms that are no warmer than 18 or 19°C). You may have noticed that sleeping with open windows at night (of course the noise level should be low) makes you feel much more relaxed and fit for the day that lies ahead.

The same is true for physical activity. Most people know about the recommended threshold of 150 minutes of moderate exercise an adult should comply with each week. However, for all sorts of reasons, many fail to reach this minimum target. One way to keep one’s motivation up is to exercise outside. It is much more diverse to exercise in a park, for example, than to go to a gym. Especially now that nature awakes and the spring sun warms us. Also, practicing sports such as hiking, walking, biking and numerous other outdoor activities give you more choices for enjoyable exercise, which is likely to keep you motivated.

A perfect way of combing the aforementioned benefits of getting your baby to sleep in fresh air as well as getting some outdoor exercise for yourself is to participate in the Mammafit classes taking place a few times per week, also available during pregnancy. Lots of mums participating in the Mammafit classes agree that it gives them a lot of energy and that they feel revitalized after having participated in a class. If babies could talk they’d tell us the same thing – they take a good nap in fresh air at the same time as their mum is working out. As a result both of them return home in a good mood and with lots of good energy for the rest of the day.


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