Bach remedies – restore the balance between body and mind

A short interview to Lynsey Baxter for HealthyLux to get to know the Bach remedies and learn how to use them to restore the balance between body and mind.

HL: What are Bach remedies?

LB: Back in the 1920’s, Dr Bach discovered a way to take the healing vibrations or energy from flowers and plants and transfer them to water.  This water was then used as a tool to help people by targeting specific feelings or personality types.  Most people have heard of or used the Rescue Remedy, but there are actually many more.  There are 38 remedies and each one has a property that is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.

HL: How do they work?

LB: They help to restore the balance between body and mind.  Negative emotions are unsettling for the physical body just as much as they are for the soul.  Bach remedies aid the release of these emotions in order to restore equilibrium and inner peace.

HL: Who can use them?

LB: The remedies are safe for the whole family and even pets have been shown to respond favourably to their use.  It is worth noting that they are preserved in grape brandy so if you need to avoid alcohol for any reason then you should exercise caution.  When used correctly, the amounts of alcohol ingested are minute, and if the drops are put in a hot drink, this will evaporate the alcohol or they can be applied to the pulse points externally.  But it is important to use your own discretion in this.

HL: How do you find a remedy?

LB: I spend time speaking to my clients to gain a deep understanding of where they are emotionally.  I then meditate over each flower until I narrow down the ones that I feel would be most useful for the client at this time in their life.  Once you have an understanding of how to choose a remedy and prepare a dosage bottle, you can easily learn how to do this for yourself.



Lynsey Baxter for HealthyLux

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