Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients

The first packaging-free organic grocery store in Luxembourg, OUNI means “without” in Luxembourgish, and also stands for Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients. An environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional supermarkets, OUNI will allow customers to do their grocery and household shopping while avoiding packaging waste. Instead, customers can fill and weigh their own containers with bulk food products, or purchase items such as milk and yogurt in reusable glass bottles and jars.


With over 30% of all consumer waste generated from packaging, OUNI will give customers the opportunity to actively live a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.


The store will feature a wide range of organic, local and/or fair-trade food, household and hygiene products, all packaging-free or in reusable packaging such as glass jars.


Not only a place to shop, OUNI will act as a community hub, with a café space and regular workshops and events on a range of environmental topics, such as waste prevention, recycling, repair and DIY.

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Vanessa Paul is a co-founder and Board member of the cooperative OUNI, Luxembourg’s first packaging-free organic grocery store. OUNI opened its doors in December 2016 and offers a wide variety of food and household products in bulk or in reusable containers. The shop also offer a series of unique products that will help you reduce your waste, from reusable nespresso capsules to Furoshiki gift wraps.



55, rue Glesener L-1630 Luxembourg

+352 661 163 016