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Bubbles hairdresser

L’un des derniers-nés des salons de coiffures mixte au Luxembourg est le très tendance Bubbles Hairdresser. Une équipe très professionnelle vous accueille dans une ambiance moderne et épurée. L’une de leurs spécialités est la coloration entièrement végétale aux huiles essentielles antiallergiques. Les cheveux deviennent doux, les couleurs sont naturelles et lumineuses. C’est un vrai bon … Continue reading “Bubbles hairdresser”


  Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients The first packaging-free organic grocery store in Luxembourg, OUNI means “without” in Luxembourgish, and also stands for Organic Unpackaged Natural Ingredients. An environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional supermarkets, OUNI will allow customers to do their grocery and household shopping while avoiding packaging waste. Instead, customers can fill and weigh their own … Continue reading “OUNI”

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A beautiful green

Cintia is passionate about Sustainable Development. Her concern about our planet started when she realised how much waste her family produced in the household. She then started reading and discussing the subject with other passionate people. She realised that it is time to change our behaviour if we want to live on a sustainable planet. She … Continue reading “A beautiful green”

Results Rules OK – David Holland

Business coaching – Training – Events by a true leader and world class business coach


Entreprise d’insertion par le travail  


  Document and parcel delivery by bicycle throughout Luxembourg city.


Emblematic feature of the City of Luxembourg and the favourite view on postcards, the Pont Adolphe or Adolphe Bridge has spanned the Petrusse valley since 1903. The rehabilitation of the Pont Adolphe, which is necessary and urgent, necessitates the complete demolition of the deck and the pediments. Read more…