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The Benefits of Fresh Air when Exercising

A friend of mine recently got back from a trip to Denmark. One of the first things she told me about was the fact that almost all local mums seem to leave their babies in their prams outside the cafés in the streets while having coffee. The babies are of course in sight and the … Continue reading “The Benefits of Fresh Air when Exercising”

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Heal yourself, before healing others

The question is, why should you even bother with healing yourself? Or, more precisely, how do you detect that you are broken in the first place? Life is a set of experiences. Moreover, the way you react to these experiences will determine who you are. This, in turn, depends greatly on your mind. The problem … Continue reading “Heal yourself, before healing others”

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“I felt in control, I was calm and my partner so supportive in helping our child into the world…”

Lynsey Baxter is the only native English speaking hypnobirthing instructor in Luxembourg. She provides an in-depth antenatal training programme using the KG Hypnobirthing method.

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