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Happy Healthy MammaFit workout with baby carrier!

Baby wearing – origins In 1970 Bernhard Hassenstein – Freiburg University, Germany – introduces the definition of “carried” baby mammal. With ‘’carried’’ (Tragling in German), he refers to baby mammals that are carried by their parents next to their body.   Before only two categories of babies were usually mentioned, in German the “Nestflüchter”, babies … Continue reading “Happy Healthy MammaFit workout with baby carrier!”

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New year, new GREEN resolutions ?

New year, new resolutions. Or should I say: new year, old resolutions? I must admit that I tend to repeat some resolutions every year, as I drop them even before summer. But there is one very important resolution worth trying and sticking to it: reduce food waste at home. Since this community is about having … Continue reading “New year, new GREEN resolutions ?”

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“I felt in control, I was calm and my partner so supportive in helping our child into the world…”

Lynsey Baxter is the only native English speaking hypnobirthing instructor in Luxembourg. She provides an in-depth antenatal training programme using the KG Hypnobirthing method.

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